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Victoria Party

September 4, 2017

One of my favorite shows this year was Victoria on PBS Masterpiece Theater. I am a fan of period television and movies, and I love all things British. Victoria’s life and reign as Queen is quite a story, and I have enjoyed learning more about her. I am very excited season two of the show is coming in January. My friend and I got the idea to re-watch season one and have a Victoria party with others who might like the show. I set up a schedule over a few nights this fall and last night we kicked off our party series with seven of us taking in episode one!

In addition to the show, I put together a Victorian-inspired dinner, complete with vintage dishes, cocktails and a Victorian-style paper cone filled with homemade goodies. The elegant food and beautiful table settings of the period make dining an event. In fact, the decorative patterns found in clothing, decor and dishware during that time are still timeless today. I respect the craftsmanship that artisans put into ornate serving spoons and chiseled candlesticks. My husband’s parents passed down silverware and dishes from their family since the 1800s, many engraved with monograms or dates. It is family and a connection to those we never knew who came before us.

Victoria Party Decor

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