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10 Minute Cookie Gift Basket

August 20, 2016

I found this 10-minute cookie gift basket idea on Pinterest and it turned out to be a fast, easy way to create a pretty gift basket for homemade goodies. This was much prettier than putting in a box or in a cellophane bag. Plus, it’s so fast, it’s easy to make a bunch of them and add embellishments and other items to customize them. This is easy enough older kids can make them while you’re working in the kitchen. And it really does only take 10-minutes!

Here’s how to make a 10-minute cookie gift basket.

Step 1: Cut a circle out of a decorative cardstock. I used a regular large 10” paper plate.

Scrapbook Paper Cookie Basket

Step 2 – Find the spot where you would fold it in half (but don’t!) and measure 1” on either side of that spot. Cut both marks approximately 3” into the center of the circle. (If you choose a smaller plate, adjust length accordingly).

Cookie Basket Tutorial

Step 3 – Fold the paper down to that cut line on both sides. Then fold the halves along the same line to create a good crease. If you have a scoring board or scoring tool on your cutter you can use it to make scored folds.

Handmade Cookie Basket

Step 4: Fold the sides up and glue. Add a brad to hold the end tightly in place and for a decorative touch. You might try sewing a button through the paper, too!

Cookie Basket Tutorial

Step 5: Add any other embellishments or ribbon. I added a doily to the sides to dress it up and give it another layer of height.

Cookie Basket Tutorial using Scrapbook Paper

Fill with homemade goodies for a pretty presentation. I put a piece of wax paper in mine to protect the cookies and the paper basket. You could also cover the whole thing in cellophane if you desired or are making large batches for bake sales or holiday presents.

Cookie Basked Tutorial

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