Recycled Christmas Card Mini Album

December 7, 2015

I’ve been saving Christmas cards for about fifteen years with the idea that they’d be turned into something else one day. I like that along with saving the holiday art, I preserve signatures, notes and photos of friends and loved ones. It makes the craft more meaningful. It is nice to look at all the cards and remember neighbors that moved away, or see notes from relatives that have passed. This project recycles cards to make a cute Christmas card mini album.

Christmas Card Mini Album

When sorting the cards, I realized I had years of photos from certain families showing a decade or more of growing kids, new pets, and vacation spots. I immediately knew the collections would make nice albums that the families could keep as a momento of their years of holiday cards and photos. The recycled Christmas card mini album was the perfect answer!

Christmas Card Mini Album

This album is a 6×8″ size ring album with everything made from the cards: accent pages, embellishments, trims, borders, background, photo frames and more. It is deconstruction and reconstruction for sure! The album uses very little paper from my stash and mostly elements from cards in my collection.

Christmas Card Mini Album

I keep the albums simple and festive to create a family history and give the parents a place to journal is they so desire. This particular Christmas card mini album celebrates a family with four daughters and you can follow the timeline of each child as they came into the family. It makes for a fun journey through Christmases past, doesn’t it?

Recycled Christmas Mini Album

Christmas Mini Album

I love this card with Santa on the diving board. It really gives the page some personality! This Christmas card mini album is a great holiday memento.

Christmas Mini Album

What do you do with your saved cards? Check out the holiday tree garland that you can make from recycled cards as well.Christmas Mini Album

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