52 Reasons Card Deck Mini Album

October 25, 2015

This 52 reasons card deck mini album is a project I created for my daughter. I found this beautiful set of cards at Art of Play. They have an amazing collection of cards created by graphic designers and illustrators. Check them out if you want cards for crafts or Saturday night poker.

My daughter struggles with depression and one particular week she was having a rough time. Sometimes she doesn’t want to talk and prefers I just let her be, which is really hard for me I must admit. So I sat down and decided to make this card deck mini album as a hands-off way to give her my support and remind her that I’m here for her no matter what.

Card Deck Mini Scrapbook Album

Some inspiration from my card deck mini album

Using the entire card deck made the book expand open a little more than I liked, partly because I used some embellishments. It’s true, I have a hard time creating without using dimensional embellishments. I am glad I used all 52 cards and included so many thoughts, some light hearted. I decided to put my messages on the common back of the card, so that she could see all the illustrations on the individual cards. She enjoys art and I wanted her to see the creative designs used in the deck.

Here are a few of the pages. Hope it inspires your own ideas for your own card deck mini album.

Card Deck Mini Album

Playing Cards turned into Scrapbook

Card Deck Mini Album

Card Deck Mini Album

Mini Album Made of Playing Cards

Mini album made from playing cards

Card deck mini album

Card deck mini album

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