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Turning 13 – Advice for Life

This decorative box holds a mini scrapbook album I made for my daughter’s thirteenth birthday that I called Turning 13: Advice for Life. I liked the idea of creating a set that included a way to store the album. It might mean more to me right now than her because after all it’s not cool shoes or some type of electronic gadget, but I’m okay with that. I wanted to create a keepsake.

I labored over this project and loved every minute of it. I involved many members of the family to send me their best “Advice for Life” so I could create a collection she could look at over and over.


Becoming a teenager has been a tough process for my daughter. We work daily to cope with the challenges of severe ADD and oppositional defiance. Teenage life throws a range of new things in the mix, but we work to give her the tools she needs to become the best she can be. On this journey, I wanted her to have caring words from family members she admires to remind her on tough days that she is supported, loved, remembered and never alone. What better advice can you get than that?

MakeTodayCreative_turning13Combo (1)

I had a few of these boxes on the shelf because when I get merchandise from scrapbook maker Studio Calico, I just can’t part with them. They beg to become something else, even storage of some kind like a kid’s secret notes box, the holder of your special bird shaped paper clips, or the place for grandma’s letters. They aren’t for anything practical like garage sale money … they are just too nice for that.  Anyway, these I-can’t-throw-them-away boxes make the perfect mini album home and I couldn’t be happier with how the two items came together.

I first covered the box with scrapbook paper, Washi tape and other embellishments. The sides are home to her initials and her birthday. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of laser wood cut supplies.

MakeTodayCreative_Turning13Cover (1)

The mini album is a simple flipbook, 4.25” x 6.25” with a ribbon threaded through a single corner hole. I designed it to have a page for the person’s advice and a photo of the person on the adjacent page.



I did some of my favorite treatments in this album, layering a lot of elements and strips of paper to decorate them. I like hand stitching, Washi tape, enamel dots and dimensional stickers. I made a pocket for a pull out card, used brads and wood and foam. They became individual little canvases that I coordinated. Mostly I loved thinking of the people and how lucky we are to have such a close-knit family that cares about each other. No drama. No fighting. No “stuff”.




Who knows, maybe she’ll pass on this advice for life to her 13-year-old someday. I hope so.

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