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Christmas Card Tree Garland
DIY & Crafts

Recycled Christmas Card Tree Garland

In addition to the recycled Christmas card mini album, try this recycled Christmas Card tree garland. It is a fantastic way to preserve memories of holidays gone by. Use a simple circle punch and strategically cut circles from the cards. Try and get phrases,…

December 8, 2015
Christmas Mini Album Ideas

Recycled Christmas Card Mini Album

I’ve been saving Christmas cards for about fifteen years with the idea that they’d be turned into something else one day. I like that along with saving the holiday art, I preserve signatures, notes and photos of friends and loved ones. It makes the…

December 7, 2015
Life & Times

Mischief Ideas for Elf On The Shelf

My daughter is older now but she still loves to have our Elf, Analisa, stir up some mischief during holiday time.  I like that she looks forward to finding Analisa and going along with the fun like she did when was younger. Oh the…

November 18, 2015