About Amelia Woodbridge

Everyday ideas.
inspired scrapbooking projects.
fun stuff.
…and a little oooh and ahhh, too.

That’s what I do here.


I share my love of scrapbooking, DIY, and crafts, with a little bit of food and party mixed in. For me, it’s anything that makes today creative and life more fun.


Creative Inspiration is my Passion.

I’m inspired by the many talented creators, makers and teachers who give me new ways to make my journey of creativity richer and my projects more meaningful. I take classes and I try new things. I’m good at some and have to work harder at others, but I love the process and where it takes me and I enjoy sharing it with others.

Make Today Creative is a way for me to:

  • Share my ideas and projects for other crafters and hobbyists;
  • Make connections with fellow crafters and scrapbookers
  • Provide everyday easy ways for you to infuse creativity into your life

My name is Amelia Woodbridge and I’ve been making things my whole life. It allows me to explore my creative soul and have tons of fun. Making scrapbooks that become storybooks of the lives of my family is something I truly love. Married, with two daughters, I live in sunny Florida where I enjoy scrapbooking and crafting, of course, but also cooking, binging movies and TV, and spending time with friends.

There’s nothing better than making each day creative!


About Amelia Woodbridge of Make Today Creative

About Amelia Woodbridge of Make Today Creative About Amelia Woodbridge of Make Today Creative