Accordion Mini Album

February 13, 2018

Recently I took a class for a simple accordion mini album at with teacher Marcy Penner. She has a very clean style and the little album is perfect for documenting a weekend trip or a birthday. The involves simply folding paper to create an unsewn row of pockets. The pockets hold tags, small photos, and little bits of memorabilia.

For my accordion mini album, I cut a piece of white card stock 10″ x 12.” On the 10″ side, I folded a 4″ panel to create the pockets. You can see in the picture below, I then folded the 12″ side into four even 3″ sections/pockets. The folds accordion back and forth to fold it closed. Easy Peasy! Tied together with a ribbon, it is the perfect little package of memories. Having the photos and stickers on the pockets is a nice idea as well.

Accordion Mini Album

I made my album using favorite photos of my girls. Using mostly tags and pocket cards, I filled up the pockets with photos, decorated simply with stickers or low profile embellishments. I like the addition of the file folder tabs, some washi tape and paper clips – it turns out colorful and fun without being bulky. Here’s what’s behind those pockets.

Accordion Mini Album

This was a fast album to put together. I did mine in one evening! Once closed up, I tied together with a simple ribbon and added a single embellishment to the front. I wondered about the items coming out of the pockets, but once folded up and tied, it’s perfect.

Accordion Mini Album

Give it a try … it would even make a nice gift to mail a family member!

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