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Easy DIY Christmas Ball Wreaths

December 21, 2017

I love Christmas ball wreaths. Vintage, modern, colorful, monochrome – they are all unique and epitomize a festive holiday. I made a few wreaths of my own this year: one to keep and two to give away.

I found several methods for making them on Pinterest, and chose a tutorial that uses a coat hanger. It isn’t hard per se, but if I ever do it again I will use something more structured because one of my wreaths is a little asymmetrical. I also notice that when I use several different sized Christmas Balls (like in the center wreath) it is harder to keep a pattern going and to stay as circular. The silver and turquoise wreaths are made with the same size Christmas balls with a few smaller ones for fill.

I like adding decorative ribbon and holiday decor elements (like the garlands and sparkly wrapping wire). They don’t need much more than that. The top of the wire hangar is a built-in hook to use with a long door hanger.

I spent about $50 for enough Christmas ornaments and decorations for these wreaths. But next time I’ll shop on clearance after the holiday and have an inventory for next year.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Ball Wreath

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