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Take a Tour of My New Craft Room

May 19, 2017

After working around the house in different spots, and never quite feeling settled or organized, I decided to sacrifice the spare bedroom to set up my new craft room. My daughter agreed to switch rooms with me so I could organize the perfect creative space!

Both of my girls have been in this room and enjoyed it because of the built-in bookcases. And honestly, this is what makes the room ideal as a craft room. It is nice to have so much shelving and large storage cabinets. I can now leave out my sewing machine, too.

craft room

Adjacentย  to the wall of bookcases are some favorite items like art from Kelly Rae Roberts, the Nikon Nikkormat camera my parents bought me for high school graduation, an Ikea Raskog cart, Mom’s ceramic mail envelope, and a drawing of me when I was 7 (that I then ruined by writing my name on it, but I love it anyway).

Craft Room Storage and Style

This patterned ceramic envelope now holds supplies for an upcoming Traveler’s Notebook album project. It has a few scars after being knocked off a table and broken, but I can’t part with it so I don’t mind the blemishes. Turning on the lighted A adds some whimsy while I work!

Craft Room Decor

I inherited this piece of 1920’s milk glass from my grandmother. Not likely to use the pitcher in the kitchen, I use it to store my paint pens. She might not approve, but it is pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

Craft Room Storage

Books and files of inspiration are a must in my new craft room.

Craft Room

This storage container by Art Bin is a new way I’m storing embellishments. I have several of these containers filled with my supplies. It is easy to see what I have in my stash.

Craft Room Storage

These boxes, baskets and storage towers hold paint, stamps, ink, and large embellishments.

Craft room storage

I don’t use ribbon too much anymore but I keep what I do have in this bird jar. It’s more for looks than practicality, I must admit.ย  I found the jar (which is for candy I am sure) at World Market a couple seasons ago and just loved it. Since ribbon is an occasional need, I don’t mind fishing through it to find what I want. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be naughty and fill it up with candy! Wire baskets are another love of mine for holding big and bulky items.

Craft Room Storage

Another World Market purchase is my main work table. It was a spontaneous purchase when on sale that I kept in storage for a bit until I had a room. I use my iPad like a TV and stream a lot of shows while I work. Usually my dog Wesley is under the table, too.

Craft Room Organization

Adjacent to my main work table is my alphabet collection and sheets of stickers stored in standard magazine holders. I found the 3-tier stand on clearance at HomeGoods for pretty storage of washi tape. They are easy to see and sorting by color makes it easy for me to find what I want to use.

Washi Tape Storage

I also have a few other decorative elements. I love bird elements and this wood figure is a nice addition to my bird collection. Antique tin boxes that hold buttons and other goodies, as well as a book my aunt gave me when my mother passed away are special elements in the room.

Craft Room Decor

Hope you enjoyed the tour around my craft room. It will continue to evolve and certainly be my favorite hangout!

Craft Room Supplies

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