Why I Do a December Daily Album

November 28, 2016

December Daily

This is my third year doing a December Daily album. I first came to know this project when I found Ali Edwards on Twitter. I was in awe of her amazing albums and knew I had to do them, too. I loved her scrapbooking style and how she captured little moments of each day in such a visual and creative way. Her scrapbooking ideas inspired me to be more of a storyteller in my albums.

December Daily Page Ideas

Each year I enjoy the process of archiving the activities, thoughts, memories and moments that are the holiday season. To not only capture cookie making and trim trimming but capture them in a way that helps us relive the feelings of doing those things with those we love most. This is why I do a December Daily Album. When I look at the pages I’ve created in the past, I realize how important they’ve become in the collection of scrapbooks I’ve made that capture our family. The people, the funny stuff, the traditions, the new activities, as well as the changes in each of us from year to year. It captures not only what we did, but who we are at that moment in time.

December Daily 2016

2016 December Daily Album

My 2016 album is set up with foundation pages roughly in place to work on as the season unfolds. There are two words that will guide me this December: Joy and Togetherness. Joy means worrying less and pushing away negativity. Joy means more self care and not putting myself last. Joy means family, friends, and eating too many cookies. It means hoping for cold weather and seeing the best in each other. Together we can create joy that makes the holiday season magical, but then can last long after the season is over.

So through my love of paper, embellishments, and creativity I make these albums for my kids so that in the holiday seasons in the future, these moments that we share now can be relived with true joy.

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