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Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath

November 23, 2016

Those of us in Florida (and other warm climates) that don’t experience fall with changing leaves try and find other ways to celebrate the season. Honestly, fall to us is when the temperature falls below 80 degrees. It is then we can turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. This year, I made a tropical Thanksgiving wreath for my door.

Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath

I first walked around the yard, collecting different types, textures and colors of plants. Berries on one of the hedges and a seed pod from the Queen palm in the front yard are interesting additions I found to work with.

Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath Plants

Making the Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath

Then, I looked at my collection and just started layering the elements based on the colors, the style of leaves and the shapes. Because I am not a professional by any means, I let my eye guide me. Some plants I hot glued in place, and others I put in with flower picks and wire. The accent area on the left with the multi-colored Croton leaves is accented with berries and fern.

Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

Color and texture was my goal as I went around the frame. Here is the finished tropical Thanksgiving wreath. What do you think?

Tropical Thanksgiving Wreath


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