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Great Ideas in Pumpkin Decorating

October 20, 2016

People amaze me every year with their pumpkin creativity. Pumpkin decorating continues to be a popular trend, with non-carved pumpkins dressed up in paint, glitter and other decorations. Metallic and two-tone pumpkins are quite popular (and copper is a big color this year). There really doesn’t seem to be anything off limits in pumpkin decorating. Living in Florida where a pumpkin rots in two or three days sitting outside, I love the idea of decorating a pumpkin rather than carving one.

Font design is always a hit for me. Look at these “message” pumpkins. Kelly at Studio DIY (left) shows how she made them on her blog. Inspired by Studio DIY, Shahla at Treehouse Threads made her version in black and white. This idea makes a cute treatment for table decorations or place cards as well.

Pumpkins with Messages

Photo: Studio DIY, Treehouse Threads.

Painted Pumpkins

Every year I can’t wait to see what Alisa Burke, an artist and blogger, is going to do with her pumpkins. Last year’s glow in the dark pumpkins were a fun surprise. Living by the beach myself, I really wish I could duplicate her beach pumpkins, but I am not as artistically talented as Alisa. She actually has a tutorial on the art of painting pumpkins where she shows many of her past creations and provides a good how-to. This year she did floral pumpkins that are also painted which make a beautiful centerpiece.

Halloween Pumpkins by Alisa Burke

Photos: Alisa Burke


Pumpkin dioramas are also a hot trend this year and quite the elaborate works of art. Looking around for a while online I found some really amazing designs like this one by Crystal Owens of A Pumpkin and a Princess (left) and this one by Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff Blog. These are pretty incredible decorations. Diorama Pumpkin Decorations

Photos: A Pumpkin and a Princess, The Art of Doing Stuff

Theme Pumpkins

Theme Pumpkins make their debut every year and I came across a few pumpkin decorating gems when I took my daughter to the orthodontist the other day. A headless mermaid is perfect for our coastal area, and the fairy is definitely cute sporting her magic tooth wand. But the venus flytrap is one of the most unique pumpkin ideas I’ve come across. Cudos to that entry!

Theme Pumpkins

Photos: Amelia Woodbridge


What about pumpkin centerpieces? Yes, Yes and Yes! I think this pumpkin succulent table centerpiece is to die for. Succulents are still so very popular and this is a beautiful way to decorate the table. You can find directions to make this on the Simply Happenstance Blog. To see how to make this lovely hydrangea pumpkin centerpiece with puffy paint, visit Sarah Dorsey Designs blog.

Pumpkin centerpiece ideas

Photos: Simply Happenstance Blog, Sarah Dorsey Designs Blog.

As for me, I’m making marbled pumpkins this year. I came across the idea on the Alice & Lois blog and the MomDot blog and I think they are really beautiful. Looks easy and fun to do, too!

Marbled Pumpkins

Photos: Alice & Lois, MomDot

Hope this sparks some ideas for using pumpkins in your crafting and decorating. For more pumpkin decorating inspiration, visit my pumpkin board on Pinterest.

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