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Easy to Make Flower Cone

September 4, 2016

Surprise a friend, neighbor or co-worker with an easy to make flower cone that takes just just minutes to put together. Find a pretty magazine or catalog page that is mostly beautiful photography to create a colorful cone container. I used a page from an anthropology catalog.

Here’s How to Make a Flower Cone

Roll the paper into a cone and secure with double-sided tape. Punch holes on both sides and thread ribbon through holes going around the back.

Flower Cones

Collect flowers from the yard or pick up a small inexpensive bouquet at the grocery store. Choose lightweight flowers that won’t put strain on the lightweight paper. Tie the flower cone to a doorknob, mailbox or other desired surprise spot.

Flower Cones Made From Magazine Paper

Look how pretty they turn out! It literally takes a couple minutes to put these together to create such a pretty bunch of happiness.

Magazine paper flower cones

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