Tactics for More Creative Photos

September 1, 2016

Pump up the creative artistry in your photography with these simple tactics for more creative photos. Try one or try them all – these ideas are easy to do the next time you’re taking photos.

Here’s my tactics for more creative photos

Leave visual room in the photo to create a unique layout or to add text and graphics.

Creative Photography Tactics

Play with light.

Creative Photography Tactics

Look for patterns, shapes, lines and angles that add visual interest to your subject (or perhaps even as your subject).

Creative Photography Tactics

In addition to those tactics for more creative photos, pick a topic or a place and take a photo every day for a year. Its great practice and its fun to see the changes and differences day by day. I took a photo of the sky everyday last year and have a library full of beautiful photos.

Creative Photography Tactics

Take advantage of negative space.

Creative photography tactics

Capture a sequence.

Creative Photography Tactics

Alter placement of subjects for visual interest rather than keeping everyone or everything in the same area of the image.

Creative Photography

Play with depth of field to draw attention to a certain area in the image, soften distracting items in the background or to use areas of color and shape to make an impact.

Creative Photography

Create portraits that are more than having the subjects look into the camera but add mood, are taken from a different vantage point, have the subject looking elsewhere or are framed differently.

Creative Photography Portraits

Capture motion! It might take a little practice but when it comes to tactics for more creative photos, motion is one that really adds variety to the subjects in your image. I am still learning different ways to capture motion in my photos.

Creative Photography Tactics

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration. I know for myself I am always looking for ways to be more artistic in my photography. Now, grab your camera and get shooting!

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