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Get Creative in the Garden

August 26, 2016

Don’t forget to get creative in the garden, too! When it comes to your outdoor spaces, it’s easy to design a special space without busting the budget. There are many ideas that reuse and recycle items into fun, creative outdoor decoration.

Here are some ways to get creative in the garden.

Paint old tires to create a unique container for a succulent garden. They might be a little unruly to handle but they are durable, easy to paint and never seem to go out of style.


Add an antique door or another non-traditional item as decorative accents to feature plants and provide visual interest.

Creative garden decor

Add unique accents to the yard like a wine bottle screen. These were strung on a piece of rebar. We drilled holes in glass with a special drill bit, some water and a patient hand on the drill.

Garden Decor Wine bottle screen

Paint a piece of yard art to display. This piece of art is created on a dried palm frond. Add some sprinkles of light to a fence (or the back of the seating area like we did) with decorative marbles.

Creative Garden Decor

Garden Seating Area

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