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Weaved Paper Placemats

June 15, 2016

One night when I was thinking about a luncheon I was having the next day, I wondered what I could do to spice up the table without going out and spending money. All of a sudden I dreamed up weaved paper placemats. They don’t last forever, but they can provide a custom, unique solution for luncheons or themed dinners instead of buying something you might not use that much. They turned out kind of cute, didn’t they?

Weaved Paper Placemats

Here’s what I did to make weaved paper placemats.

Cut four one-inch wide 12″x12″ strips of three coordinating papers, and six one-inch wide 12″x12″ strips of a fourth paper.

Weaved Paper Placemats

Weaved paper placemats

Using the first strip of the vertical paper, glue the edge of the horizontal strip papers in rotating order down in an under-over weaving pattern. This gives you a sturdy base for adding the other papers and to easily lift and weave. Leave a little over an inch space between each of the vertical strips to evenly space out the paper across the width of the placemat.

Glue as you weave as needed. This might include gluing the backside of the papers to the “underside” of the top paper showing in the weave. Continue until complete and then back the entire thing with one solid sheet of 12″x12″ paper.

I added a fun vintage postcard to the top to embellish a bit. Using clear dishes gives your guest a clear view of your handiwork!

Weaved Paper Placemats

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