Creative Twist on Journaling

June 10, 2016

If you’re not the type of person that wants to keep a paper journal, but you want to capture moments to remember, try some alternative ideas for a creative twist on journaling.

Ideas for Capturing Moments

Can Journal

One creative twist on journaling is to keep a small pad next to a decorated can. Jot down thoughts, funny things the kids say, or moments in time you want to remember. Drop the slips in to the can. Then on December 31, open the can and read all the things that happened during the year. (If you’re a scrapbooker, save the slips and turn them into a Year in Review mini album).

Can Journaling Memory-Making

Index Card Basket

Another twist on journaling is an index card system. This revolving card deck keeps years of notes and tidbits for a fun recap of life in one place. I have three years of notes using this system already and I really like reading back to the past couple years. It helps me remember the stories I want to share when I’m working on my scrapbooks, too.

Alternative Journaling Ideas


Lists are a popular way to document thoughts, feelings, and life happenings. There’s numerous sites and bloggers providing prompts that challenge you to make lists on thoughts, current favorites, memories and more in a fun list format. Some people do it monthly, but I use it now and then as an addition to the scrapbooks I keep. Listing does push you to record things you might not otherwise. For example the movies you want to see, music you’re listening to, or favorite TV shows at the moment. I like to use travelers notebook inserts to keep lists – here’s an example of the opening page for one of my list books.

List journaling


Use a collection to record memorable dates. My husband and I keep the cork from special celebratory wine we drink and write the date and event on them. We display them in a rack on the kitchen and its a timeline of events we can see all the time. Shells or beach glass from different beaches you visit or snow globes from each vacation destination are other ideas. Collections are a visual and creative way to remember great times in your life.

Alterned Journaling Ideas

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