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Patriotic Table Display & Door Decor

May 27, 2016

It’s getting red, white and blue around here! I’m very excited about my new patriotic display that includes a door decoration, sidewalk lanterns and table accents that are perfect for the upcoming Memorial Day and July 4th holidays. These are really fun crafts to make and they sure make an impact. Plus, they take very little time, which is the best part.

Patriotic Sidewalk Lantern

Mason Jar Sidewalk Lanterns

First, I created lanterns out of Mason Jars, tissue paper and some Mod Podge. I tore strips of tissue paper in red, white and blue, then layered them inside the Mason Jar and painted with a good coat of Mod Podge. Once dry, I added tea light candles and lined the sidewalk for a festive display.  12 jars were done in a couple hours. Super easy!

Paper Boat Patriotic Table Decorations

Paper Boat Place Cards

For this project origami paper folding is needed for the boats, with cupcake liners for the sails.

Online I found a printable of the Constitution. I used this Constitution Printable. After printing it on 8.5×11 paper on both sides, trim the edges so the pattern covers the entire sheet of paper. Since you are folding the paper you need to print it on both sides.

Next, fold the paper into boats using this tutorial from Nifty Thrifty Things.  I made 8 boats pretty quickly once I got the hang of it. My larger boats are the centerpiece of my table, but if you prefer smaller boats by each place setting just adjust your starting paper size.

Red skewers are used for the masts of the boats. Cut them to fit, poking them through the center of the paper. Add a touch of glue. Wrap a patriotic cupcake liner around the skewer (folding it in half basically) to create a sail, adding the flag with glue. They really are super cute aren’t they?

Patriotic Fan Door Display

Patriotic Fan Door Display

For the door display, buy two different sizes of patriotic theme fans. I opened them all the way and glued the ends together to keep them open.

Cut circles that cover the centers of the fans and glue them to the front. On the back, glue a piece of cardboard to add stability to the center. It also creates a spot to add glue as the stack of fans are put together.

Patriotic Door Display Using Paper Fans

Attach the fans around a large piece of styrofoam using hot glue, as well as in the spots where things overlap and touch. Once firm add some patriotic straws and skewers poking out around the piece. Decorate popsicle sticks using scrapbook paper and add on top. I wanted the whole piece to have some angles and different sized elements and shapes and not be symmetrical.

July 4th Door Decoration

Use a wide ribbon to attach to a regular door hanger. It’s a striking piece you can see from the road and it sure is festive.

Patriotic Door Decorations

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