“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Graduation Memento

May 17, 2016

I’ve seen many fun versions of the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” graduation memento project. I wasn’t aware of this idea when my daughter was young so that I could start it in kindergarten and keep it going while she was growing up. Instead, I created a book for her college graduation, tracking down favorite teachers, parents of childhood friends, and family. It’s kind of a hybrid scrapbook, card and gift all mixed into one!

Altered Dr. Seuss Book for College Gift

The opening page of the book became a spot for words and embellishments.

Altered Dr. Seuss Book Gift

Throughout the book I added many scrapbook embellishments, prepared spots for people to write a message, and added clear pockets to hold gift cards. Pages are enhanced with accents and surprises, while keeping some of the Dr. Seuss art a major part of the design.

Altered Dr. Seuss Book Gift

I like to create interactive elements so these three panels open to reveal additional messages and a pocket of cash!

Altered Dr. Seuss Graduation Gift

My daughter first job is at the Kennedy Space Center so I altered Dr. Seuss’s original balloon-filled sky with planet stickers and notes to Dream Big!

Altered Dr. Seuss Book

My mother was an opera singer so this page with the music motif was perfect to write some thoughts referencing her. She passed away several years ago and sadly did not see my daughter reach adulthood. They were best buddies when she was growing up so I made sure to include her in the book. I found some leftover stamps I had printed of a fun photo of her that are embellishments on this page.

Altered Dr. Seuss Graduation Gift

Another clever Mom wrote a Seuss-like poem message to Lauren, recalling many of the “best friend” memories over the years.

Altered Dr. Seuss

Decorating and altering the whole book was a really fun project. This book project is a great idea for a co-worker who’s moving on, or to commemorate a long career when someone retires.

Also, I’m really big on getting handwriting infused in everyone’s lives again. Due to the digital age, handwriting is missing from the day to day, so any way I can preserve a loved ones handwriting in their personal message is great.  I make an effort to do much of my journaling in my own handwriting so my kids will have that when I’m gone.

Altered Dr. Seuss Graduation Gift

Think of your next milestone birthday, special event or day that you can get creative with an altered book. It is a unique memento everyone loves.

Altered Dr. Seuss Graduation Gift

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