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Recycled Christmas Card Tree Garland

December 8, 2015

In addition to the recycled Christmas card mini album, try this recycled Christmas Card tree garland. It is a fantastic way to preserve memories of holidays gone by.

Christmas Card Garland Tutorial

Use a simple circle punch and strategically cut circles from the cards. Try and get phrases, art elements, graphics and the signatures of friends and loved ones. From the many photo cards in my stash I also punched faces to keep those little treasures in time. These are 1.5″ circles here but you can use different sizes and string a pattern of sizes on the jute as well.

Christmas Card Garland

Fold each circle in half and then glue them together back to back. To make each ornament on the string, it takes 5 circles. They are strung to the jute by closing up the final two sides around the jute. Tuck the string down to the center of where the circles meet and then seal closed.

Christmas Card Tree Garland

This type of Christmas card tree garland is a great kids craft, too! Hang it on the front of a mantel, or adorn doorways.

Do you save holiday cards? What crafts do you make?

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