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Teen Room Decor: Washi Tape Photo Frame

November 22, 2015

I’ve been saving a large frame from an old piece of wall decor for a while hoping to recycle it into something new. I finally came up with a project — a Washi tape photo frame for my daughter’s photos. My daughter loves the photos she takes with her friends, so this youth-inspired frame is dressed up with a colorful collection of decorative Washi tape.

The original frame was black, with a glossy finish. I first painted it white so the black color wouldn’t taint the color of the more transparent tapes.

Washi Tape Picture Frame

This is a large frame (24″x36″) so I collected a large variety of tapes to do the project. The main color palette in her room is purple and green, so I used those colors, but I also mixed in different shades of blue and a few neutrals.

The design isn’t a strict repeating pattern, but I did pay attention to placement of the same tapes, how the light and dark tapes balanced along the frame and I mixed longer and shorter pieces of tape to give it variety. Because of the width of the frame I ended up with 6 rows of tape – with a couple rows of “skinny” tape mixed among 4 rows of standard width. I chose not to use the extra wide tapes.

Washi Tape Picture Frame Tutorial

As I completed each side of the frame, I applied a couple coats of Mod Podge to seal the tapes down and put a clear finish to the frame. Once it was complete, it got another coat across the whole frame, including around the edges on the underneath side.

Washi Tape Picture Frame Tutorial

The Finished Teen Room Wall Art

Here’s how it looks on the wall with the photos inserted. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Washi Tape Picture Frame

Washi Tape Picture Frame Tutorial

In addition to this project, I set up a wall display on another of the walls in the room using a piece of her art (the fireworks) and a custom canvas artwork of our dog Rusty from Rupe Design. The marquee sign is from Heidi Swapp. Arrow, chalkboard art and small wood clip sign from Hobby Lobby.

Teen Decor Wall Display

This was a fun upgrade and I spent a total of $44 on the whole room, which was for a few of the new items for this multi-piece display and a few rolls of tape to add to what I already had in my stash.

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