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Repurposed VHS Box to Car Games Fun!

November 7, 2015

Whether you’re going on a trip or just carpooling around town, give your kids a fun box of simple games they can enjoy in the car. The VHS Box Car Games project transforms an old VHS tape box into new life as a game center. Store DIY game boards and game pieces inside. It’s the perfect size to keep in the car and provide fun during any car ride.

VHS Box Car Games Tutorial

Here’s how I made my VHS Box Car Games

On my old VHS tapes, I could easily slide out the printed sheet with the video’s graphics from the plastic sleeve covering the box. This makes a great template to cut a new one out of a piece of scrapbook paper. If you like, add a couple embellishments to give the box its new purpose. Kids can create a collage or draw a picture to make it their own.

VHS Box Car Games

DIY Car Games from VHS Box

Create some simple games that your kids like. I used simple supplies such as cardstock, washi tape, foam, buttons, and markers. Mine are done by hand just because I wanted to, but you can certainly do it on the computer to give it a more polished look. I did do the I SPY game and Alpha challenge game on the computer so I could easily reprint them as they get used. A small tin box holds the games pieces, but using a small envelope or a ziploc bag would work just as well.

Car Games DIY

Car Games in Recycled VHS Box

Make the VHS Box Car Games your own games or let the kids make up a few. The idea is to make it simple and fun!

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