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Upcycled Washi Tape Storage

October 16, 2015

A wax paper or aluminum foil box is the perfect box to re-purpose into a Washi Tape storage box. In a couple hours, using basic crafting tools, your favorite paper and some embellishments, you can create a custom Washi Tape storage box of your own!

Washi Tape Storage How To

A wax paper box is a great choice for this project is because it has a built-in cutting system. The box is the perfect depth for the rolls of tape. 18 rolls fit in my finished box.

Washi Tape Storage

Now to make the washi tape storage box pretty!

I chose a couple sheets of quality 12×12-inch scrapbooking paper to cover the box. Using “Cut and Paste,” designed by Jen Allyson for My Minds Eye, I cut a 12-inch strip and it’s just a little bit short. Therefore, I used another sheet of coordinating paper to add to the edge that covers the area.

Washi Tape Storage

Washi Tape Storage

I covered the entire box with paper, inside and out. Then ribbon was added, along with thickers dimensional lettering, a few jewels, and rick-rack-like cut paper around the edges. A large brad on the front keeps the lid closed. I attached a string to the inside box top with the idea that I would wrap it around the brad, but I didn’t end up needing it because the lid stayed wedged behind the brad to remain closed.

It only took me a couple hours from start to finish. Try your own!

Here’s a guest post I did with Amy Tangerine that shows a Holiday Box. This is perfect for giving holiday washi tapes to your favorite scrapbooker!

Washi Tape Storage

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