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School Days Pizza Box Archive

September 15, 2015

Now that school is back in session, its time to set up a creative storage solution for school papers, artwork, certificates and other memorabilia. The school days pizza box archive is the perfect solution. It takes less than an hour and a few scrapbook supplies to create a fun storage solution.

Pizza Box School Papers Storage

Many people add school material to scrapbook albums, some throw it all into one big bin and others use apps to make digital archives. I put mine in my scrapbook’s and I think there’s something special about having all the original material to savor 30 years later. The school days pizza box archive is another way to do that.

Pizza Boxes are Perfect Storage!

The idea of using pizza boxes came to me as a way to create a sorted library of material, particularly if there are multiple children in the house. Being able to stack it up in their closet in an organized fashion that is labeled and decorated creates a fun way to store things, and easily look at it, too. Everything stays clean, neat and in good shape. I don’t know about you, but I often find things I’ve forgotten to include in the scrapbook. Because of that, this idea makes it easy to save when that happens. Then, when they leave home, they can easily take their dozen boxes of childhood memories!

Pizza box storage

This is a fast and simple project. Because I scrapbook, I chose to add my spin on decorating the boxes, but you certainly wouldn’t have to. Just having the school days pizza box archive to organize material is a creative way to solve storage needs.

Clean, unprinted pizza boxes are available to purchase on Amazon. Various sizes are available and if you buy a bulk pack you can split it with a friend. Keep pizza boxes when order pizza if they are pretty clean. Wipe them out and then be sure to put a sheet of wax paper on the bottom and cover with a layer of paper (Kraft or cardstock) to keep any remaining grease spots from ruining anything (or ask your pizza maker for a spare box – they might give you a clean one!)

Pizza Box Storage

Decorate if desired. I put the child’s names and grade on the end so they are easily identifiable when on a shelf. Add fun papers, stamps, embellishments, school name and other ideas you like to make them unique.

Add papers, art, medals, teacher notes, report cards, certificates and more, filling up the box with the year’s accomplishments and memories.

Pizza Box Scrapbook

Pizza Box archive

Done! Your pizza box archive is complete. You might make then ahead for the years to come. Then, you’re ready to drop things in at any time.

Let me know what you think of this idea. Share photos on Facebook or on instagram with #MakeTodayCreative.

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